Smart Jobs


 Smart jobs are one of the best features of Motive Power. Every job that you finalize becomes available for re-use. Information from several areas is used to create detailed service jobs. The data engine used in Motive Power has so much capability that the program can keep details of every job done. This means that you only have to enter most information once in the lifetime of Motive Power.

You start by picking a job title for the work to be done. The first time you do a job you will enter the job description, labor time, parts and sublet if any. When that work order is finalized you have built a custom job for that job title for that make, model and year. The next time you do that same job, you pick the job title and you are done. The details of that job title are available as a starting point when you use that job title on any other make, model and year of vehicle. In a very short time you will have many detailed jobs. This will save you lots of time writing estimates and work orders. It will enable less knowledgeable workers to make work orders the way you want them to be done.

Motive Power learns the way you want things done. When starting a new job the program uses the most recent qualified job as the starting point. This means that the smart jobs are continually refined as you gain more experience. You don't have to have a comprehensive understanding to get started. Because Motive Power uses the latest data, you don't have to live with your initial attempts forever.

Smart jobs integrate information from the following areas of Motive Power:

  • Invoice History: job description, parts list, sublet list, service intervals, possibly latest cost and list
  • Catalog : possibly latest cost and list for parts 
  • Vehicle: make, model, year
  • Customer: parts pricing
  • Settings: job title, generic job description, labor operation, generic service interval
  • Personnel: hourly rate for operation

Smart jobs help with analysis in the reports section of Motive Power:

The more accurate your initial setup, the more you will get out of Smart jobs. The User's Guide shows you how to do that by providing details about each area of Motive Power.