RMS/Motive Power Bridge

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Gervais Street Bridge - Completed 1928
RMS/Motive Power Bridge

Attention Motive Power Users --- Now get more control over your parts!

     Now you can automate your parts ordering to save time and have better control using the RMS/Motive Power Bridge.  

     The Bridge keeps track of all your parts as they are added to Motive Power work orders.

         Easily create Purchase Orders for stocking parts when the on-hand count gets low.

         Email your vendors with the parts list you need to order with just a few clicks.

         Automatically create Purchase Orders for all special order parts on each workorder.

         Be alerted when stocking parts are below the re-stock level.

         Run reports to easily see the value of your on-hand stock.

         Store information about alternate vendors for any part

         Use the Bridge part cost history look-up tool to find alternate vendors prices and substitute parts.

         Easily send email to a vendor or visit the vendor’s web site from inside the search tool.

         The Bridge gives Motive Power users more power by linking to Microsoft RMS.

• Automatically calculate inventory replenishment by restock level or quantity sold.
        • Support multiple Vendors for each part.
        • Define “master pack” quantity for ordering.
        • Assign part substitutes.

If you have a unique parts issue we can help find a solution.  For more info, contact: Steve Cohen 803-790-0069

The RMS/Motive Power Bridge is a Joint Venture of Computer Analytics Corporation & Cohen Consulting